by Riel Flack


Since the world-wide pandemic has forced us all to find new ways to entertain ourselves, we have been exposed to new platforms and vehicles for our entertainment. Whether it’s CRAVE, HBO, Tubi or Prime, our selection has never been greater. Here are four selections, included here for a variety of reasons and labelled appropriately.


Critically Acclaimed: 




HBO’s sensational dark comedy, Succession, brought to you by the comedic duo Adam Mckay and Will Ferrell, is a wildly hilarious family affair that has produced some of the best television in recent years. Think Jeff Bezos meets Step Brothers and you have the Logan family dynamic. With brilliant performances from Brian Cox, who plays an abusive media tycoon, his insecure silver spoon-fed power-hungry son (Jeremy Strong), his successful and intelligent daughter (Sarah Snook), and lazy son (Kieran Culkin), Succession is a master class in comedic writing and timely, witty, performances. I can’t recommend this any more highly.






Now flourishing from its humble beginnings as an Instagram hit that made white folks uncomfortable with questions like, “Can you name five black people?”, the self-titled series Ziwe has secured its own half hour slot on Showtime where the host peppers the likes of Fran Liebowitz, Andrew Yang, and Phoebe Bridgers with unapologetic quips. The satirical show creatively blends interview segments, sketches, and musical numbers, all with an eye towards confronting anti-black racism in America. Ziwe was just renewed for a second season, so be sure to check it out and prepare for extreme cringe.


Guilty Pleasure: 


Real Housewives of New York (Season 9)


I would like to thank Eboni K Williams (Tinsley Mortimer’s replacement…thank god) and EKW only for bringing back true entertainment to the Real Housewives’ franchise. For those who are unaware, Williams is an intelligent successful black female lawyer and activist who has worked for Fox and happens to be the series’ first black cast member. In contrast, Ramona Singer is a Housewives’ veteran and a notoriously closeted Trump supporter. As I’m sure you can already guess, things get quite heated, and there’s nothing that serves up entertainment like a cold glass of white fragility. 


Get on the bandwagon: 




As Issa Rae’s hit dramedy, Insecure, heads into its fifth and final season, I strongly encourage you to hop on Black Twitter’s bandwagon before it’s too late. Insecure is about the struggle to discover oneself as a black woman in modern America. It explores expectations in relationships, friendships, and love; these issues are ultimately displayed in a light-hearted and extremely relatable voice. We’re still begging Miss Issa for hour-long episodes, but for now, this will have to do. This series is one you do not want to miss. 

Happy viewing!


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