Afghanistan, Where Did the Truth Go?

By Ubaldo Daverro 

Here we are, almost five months after the last American solider hastily departed Afghanistan, the ‘graveyard of empires’ and wondering where did the truth go?  Aside from the utter failure of Washington’s 20-year invasion and occupation in ‘fighting terrorism,’ what has the world learned

Here Come The Cuts

By Ubaldo Daverro, Columnist

As countries continue to rack-up deficits dealing with pandemic recovery, the evil specter of ‘austerity’ has slowly, but surely, found its way into the news. What is ‘austerity,’ and despite overwhelming evidence that it doesn’t work, why is it the elite’s preferred method of dealing

China: Today’s ‘Bogeyman’

By Ubaldo Daverro, International Columnist for The Progressive Column

Former president Donald Trump put the demonization of China on steroids. Fear is the currency, while the goal is and always has been to mask imperial dominance and the accompanying accumulation of wealth.


The ‘bogeyman theory of history’ is

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