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Oscar Picks for 2022

By Riel Flack

After another depressing year of theatre’s being closed, this covid Megatron virus running ramped, and Marvel’s capitalistic sensibilities taking over and ruining the essence of good cinema-I present you films that offer a glimmer of hope, which also happen to be my Oscar picks

Titane Review 

By Riel Flack

An attempt to make complete sense of Julia Ducournau’s new intense body horror Titane would be all too perplexing. It’s one of those films where after you watch, you simply must accept its enigmatic nature and allow yourself to say, “Not sure wtf I just watched…but

Four Picks for Viewing 

by Riel Flack


Since the world-wide pandemic has forced us all to find new ways to entertain ourselves, we have been exposed to new platforms and vehicles for our entertainment. Whether it’s CRAVE, HBO, Tubi or Prime, our selection has never been greater. Here are four selections, included here

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