From the Editor


We said we were in this for the long-haul, and we are. It’s July 15, 2021 and this is the third issue of our quarterly journal. We are tweaking wherever we can and improving with every step. I think this is the best line-up of writing we have had to date, and that’s saying a lot. 

Our writers and our Progressive Column social media accounts now account for almost 15,000 followers. The process has been painstaking, but legitimate and careful in the construction of our readership. After we hit the one-year point, we are going to begin a slow process of issuing free subscriptions, and I can’t wait to see that number blossom.

In this issue, we are proud to add some talented writers. Dharma Deokie has submitted a riveting and timely piece on the water crisis facing our Indigenous communities. Robert Pinch has penned a wonderful column on Pete Buttigieg and the progress of gay rights, and Bob has agreed to take on the Associate Editor role. His keen eye for syntax and quality writing will be a huge asset to the Progressive Column. Our regular columnists have done some great work on a variety of topics that I know you will enjoy, and Sarah Flack has provided us with an incredibly stirring photograph.

Thanks again for being with The Progressive Column from the beginning. I hope you enjoy Volume #1, Issue #3 as much as I have. We need to progress. As a society, we need to progress. And it must not stop.


Riel Flack





April 15, 2021


Thank you for joining us for the second issue of The Progressive Column. Through a variety of platforms, we have already connected with over 10,000 followers.

This issue has an interesting variety of subject matter. Our columnists have chosen to weigh in on everything from neoliberal austerity measures to the impending demise of current NCAA models.  And this is the point of our periodical- nothing is out of bounds.  We are seeking to attack issues through a progressive lens, embracing change where appropriate and demanding it where necessary.

Enjoy the read, we’re in it for the long haul.


Riel Flack


The Progressive Column





We are proud to launch the inaugural issue of The Progressive Column and thank you for choosing to engage with us.  We are a collection of progressive writers who- in the days to come- will seek to challenge you with ideas and opinions. The bullpen of talent we have recruited crosses many spectrums of thought, experience and diversity.

In the days, months and years to come, we will unabashedly push and agenda for change. Progress within our western social and economic constructs can be achieved without the complete destruction of current models. This is not a revolutionary magazine. Rather, The Progressive Column will seek to help create a more just society, demanding honesty, fairness and equal opportunity in all facets of life.

Actualizing the idea for this quarterly has been both exhilarating and exhausting. At The Progressive Column, we hope to carve out a thought provoking space for a better world.

Stick with us. Recommend us to a friend or ten. We are committed to growing our readership, without monetizing through the distraction of ‘cookies’.

On behalf of all those at The Progressive Column, thank you for reading.

Riel Flack

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Mission Statement

The Progressive Column is a quarterly collection of opinions/editorials that critically assess twenty-first century issues. It is principled in its support of civil liberties, bolstering human rights and challenging status quo thinking. The approach to calls for change will be egalitarian in nature, but pragmatic in application. At its core, it seeks to foster progressive thought for a stronger and more sustainable community.

Our Values

  • Honesty in all that we write.
  • Independence from interests that seek to influence free thinking.
  • Accuracy in all we assert.
  • Diversity and Inclusion in our perspectives.
  • Societal progress rooted in a philosophy that combines fairness and free enterprise.