The Beirut blast tragedy took place on August 4, 2020. I took this picture the next day. It was this man, holding that boy between his arms, while flicking a cigarette in his hand. I was struck by their stillness, gazing with hopelessness and lethargy at the mayhem in front of them.

Photographed by Bakhos Najm. You can find him on Instragram @bakhosnajm

To stay soft is to remain open to the world and all it has to offer. Our bodies are vessels which allow us to experience life. Pictured is Dani Jezerinac, a mover, an artist, a human who welcomes all that comes her way. This is a reminder to breathe.

The featured photographer is Sarah Flack. You can find her on Instagram @sarahflackphotography. 

This photo was taken in Edinburgh, Scotland and pictures the ascent up to Arthur’s Seat. The peak may be shrouded in mist and cloud, however, once you arrive everything seems more clear. Perhaps this is a metaphor for these unprecedented times – the return back to normal life feels foggy now, but once we get there it will be more clear and brighter than ever.

Becca Leigh is on instagram @beccaleighphotos

This photo is an outtake from Jessica Rondeau’s current project which seeks to uncover old photographs that preserve familial and cultural identity. The image depicts that although the family archive reinforces aspects of cultural memory, it is worthwhile to come to terms with the idea that the validity of one’s identity may never be revealed. Jessica Rondeau is on Instagram @jessrondeau