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By Tope Babalola  We need to talk about privilege for a second. I think this word has taken on a completely new meaning in recent years, and not necessarily in the best way. Depending on who you talk to, the word ‘privilege’ can illicit a reactionary and defensive response. In some the word may conjure

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MAGA North

By Fraser Turnbull The recent Canadian election was a bit of a yawner. Even for political junkies who mainline polls like addicts running for their next fix, this one was relatively sedate and lacked fire. Sure, there were moments that caught one’s attention, but there were really no Mulroney/Turner debate knockouts or Stanfield dropped footballs.

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Oh, Canada! An Indigenous Water Crisis 

by Dharma Deokie   Canada is a settler-colonial state. The failure of the Canadian government to provide clean water to Indigenous peoples illustrates that Canada continues to act as a colonial state. It’s obvious that clean water is necessary for life, and by delaying access to clean water to some Indigenous communities, Canada is creating

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Progress Means Moving the Ball Down Field

By Ian Absten, Contributor Recently, the Canadian Football League announced that it was entering into formal talks with Redbird Capital and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) with an eye towards a mutually beneficial relationship. While both parties played coy with the nature of these discussions, social media pundits began immediate speculation that there was a merger

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Navigating Covid-19: Canada and The Trust Of Black and Brown Communities

By Tara Tomlinson and L.M., Canada Contributors to The Progressive Column In order for black and brown communities to feel comfortable taking the COVID-19 vaccine, all levels of government need to rebuild trust.   COVID-19 has severely impacted the lives of millions across the globe. On December 8th, the first UK Pfizer vaccine was administered.

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